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We tell you all the steps

1-   Can I send you the photos on paper?
No. Currently we only work with photos in digital format, so if you have the photo on paper, you must scan it so that we can do the retouching.

2-  In what format should I send the photos?
Preferably in JPG or TIFF format and if possible always in high quality.

3-  What retouching program do you use?
We do all the retouching with Adobe Photoshop in its latest versions.

4-  How do I scan my photos?
Try to set the scanning resolution to about 300 dpi and in color. If the quality with which you send us is too low we will notify you since in these cases we cannot ensure a good retouch.

5-  Do you do a volume discount?
Yes. From 4 or 5 photographs we can apply a discount. Please contact us.

6-  Do you do retouching for virtual stores?
Yes. For a virtual store it is important that the products appear as good as possible. For a high volume of touch-ups we make special discounts. Consult.

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​Send us your picture:

Through our email. If you do not have it in digital format and you are going to scan it, ensure that the resolution is high (eg 300 dpi). As for the format, send it to us preferably in JPG, which is used by most cameras. In the email you can tell us anything you consider appropriate that can help us make the retouching to your liking.

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We do the retouching:

After your shipment, we will indicate the cost of the retouching, and we ask you to pay for it through our web site or Paypal. Once received, we do the work according to your instructions and also following our artistic and professional criteria. If we have any questions, we will contact you to make the appropriate clarifications.

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We send you the retouched photo:

In an approximate period of between 48 hours (business days), you will receive your retouched photo.

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